Mind Racer

It's time to crash our heads

A quiz platform that allows any person to create their own challenges and send to its friends. What started as a simple quiz game, rapidly became a useful tool for teachers to interact with students in a fun and innovative way.


Challenge: To transform the cancelation of TV program in an opportunity to show the market what a motivated and qualified team can do to produce games on international level of quality.

Solution: Mind Racer, a multi-platform social game that binds quiz with Racing.

Launched at the end of 2011, Mind Racer was the first multi-platform game by 2Mundos. The first version, available for Orkut and Facebook was a success with thousands of users. The second version, incorporated the customization of the game, and it was also taken to the iOS platform.

Executed in 3 months, it was a creative way of transforming part of the work from a cancelled Project.

Mind Racer it’s very entertaining, that combines a Quiz concept with the racing genre, challenging the knowledge of its players with a very diverse set of categories and subjects. Besides been challenged by the game, the user can also have fun competing against his friends.

Each race is a set of 10 questions. Each question have 10 seconds to be answered. If the answer is correct, the player goes to the next question. Otherwise, it’s better to prepare the helmet because the hit on the wall will be tough!

The players that selected the wrong answer, will see their avatar been eliminated, hitting their head into an obstacle with many different fun animations, that will provided a good laugh, specially to the player’s friend that crossed to the next question.

Each race give the player coins according to his/her performance. Besides having a weekly ranking, the player can exchange its coins for more energy – to race constantly – or for other type of items that allow the game to be even more fun.

For the tough questions, Mind Racer offers some “Cheats” to the player. They are limited per race but help in many different ways. Like showing the answer of your friends, given a player a jumping pole to jump the obstacle, or even the ability to cross over 2 wrong answers from the options presented.