Educational Games

Learn with fun

Kids learn when they are having fun: This is the idea behind educational games developed by 2Mundos in partnership with two of the top Brazilian educational publishers, listed among the biggest in the world.


Challenge: Give life to the creative ideas of educators for the creation of educational objects of learning. Hard requirements posted by the Brazilian government like support for all Digital Platforms, added even more challenges to the completion of the project.

Solution: Using HTML5 and the support of our partners, we were able to create apps and games that we fun and at the same time educational, promoting a multi-platform learning experience.

A series of projects developed in partnership with the biggest educational editors in Brazil, provided 2mundos with the experience and know-how to accomplish the development of more than 150 educational digital objects.

2Mundos’ team counts with a vast set of skills in the digital world that have been used to help educational publishers to follow the digital trends.