About us

We are 2Mundos. And we love what we do.

Started at 2011, at the time social networks and smartphones went mainstream, 2Mundos was formed by a very strong technical team. Our founders have worked for many years on the videogames, technology and media fields, and had a deep understanding of the industry.

With clients in LATAM, USA, and Europe, 2Mundos' teams have multicultural experience that helps us provide the best possible solution in a globalized world.

Backed up by a very strong technical team, 2Mundos is committed to collaboration with its partners and clients in order to create the best strategies and alternatives in the technical world. As a result, if you want to explore a new distribution, digital marketing or business channel, it will be our pleasure to help your company build the best possible solution for the challenges that it may face in this new era.



2Mundos’ team is very dynamic and diverse with front-end and back-end developers, 2D and 3D artists, UX designers, Infrastructure engineers, Project managers, among others. We are industry professionals that acquired our experience in top companies in the technological and entertainment sector. We are motivated to build a company that is capable of exceeding the expectation of our partners through the development of exceptional applications for the web and mobile devices.



2Mundos strongly believes in improving the skills of our team with new technologies and the latest trends in the digital world. For us, it is really important to make an assessment of technology and processes needed for each particular project and platform. We believe each project has its own characteristics and needs careful research and planning in order to succeed.



The culture of 2Mundos is international and this is reflected in the way we work, meeting deadlines and honoring commitments. The goal is always to deliver projects that are aligned with what is most current in the world of apps, games, and digital platforms. Our goal is to always generate positive results both to the end user and to our business partners.


Education and Training

Over the last couple of years, 2Mundos developed hundreds of digital objects including games and apps for inclusion in the official educational books distributed to elementary and high school students in Brazil. All digital objects were multiplatform and worked across both web and mobile devices. During this period, we also helped our clients launch games, apps and platforms that have been used by millions of students and thousands of teachers in the Americas and Asia.


Distribution of Products and Services

Digital distribution is a powerful tool that can be used in many different scenarios including education, training and entertainment. Our platforms can handle audio, video and interactive content, and form the backbone of many products shipped by our business partners.


Promotional and Marketing tools

Many times an app or a game does not need to generate revenue per download, from subscription, or the acquisition of virtual items made by micro transactions inside the product. Today, apps and games are used as marketing tools by corporations that seek better understanding of its client base and need to provide better engagement with their own brand. There are many diverse objectives that can be tackled in this model, like the reduction of call center support, launch of new products and creation of new sales channels. 2Mundos help its partners conceive and produce apps and games for many different purposes.